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Technical Difficulties

My email account was hacked into over the weekend, and now my computer has shut down. My hubby's buddy is repairing it, and I'm on his laptop right now.

If there is any email from me-Kim@Mission Mommy or bkkihega(at) that seems weird, don't click on the links. I was alerted to this happening over the weekend, and just want you to know what's going on. I should be back by Wednesday!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

aw geez! So sorry this happened to you!

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Erica|UPrinting said...

Oh! sorry it happened to you, if I were in your position it will really pissed me off. Good luck on your computer, hope things get fix.

Sarah said...

that's terrible! I hate technical issues!

Found you through MBC follow group. You can find me here

YellowTennessee said...

Hope you get it fixed soon.

Following you from MBC!

Mom of Many said...

Following your blog and subscribed to your feed via Following Each Other at MBC. Please visit me at

Stefany said...

That sucks. :( I hope it is a quick fix.

Natalie A. said...

I hope you get things fixed soon! Sorry that happened to you!

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

That's so awful! Hope it gets all sorted out. New follower from FFF MBC.

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The Polka Dot Princess said...

Hi there! What a cute blog! I found you on mommybloggers and I'm excited to follow you. If you get a second, go check out my blog. :)
Have a magical day!

Denim Reviews said...

I used to be a super avid reader of your site - I miss it a LOT, Kim. :(

Love, JP

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