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Little Citizens of the World

My 3 munchkins "travel" through many worlds on a daily basis. From the start, imagination play has always been an important asset to instill in my children. You may not think so, but visiting the many cultures of our planet can be very simple in your own living room.

Holidays are one of the best ways to introduce a new culture to your family. You might have to do a little research, but showing a new culture to your kids can be as simple as making a custom meal and having an activity to go along with the country your learning about. I myself have learned so much from doing this with my kids every year.

My boys have learned Spanish in school, and Allie is taking up on it from Dora and Diego. Little things like a cartoon can show your child the many people in this world that are different than us. This Christmas, we'll be making a few dishes that originated from other countries, and I'll search for activities we can do to learn more.

Even being so small in this huge world of ours, my children know they can make a difference if they set out to it. At home and at school, recycling is encouraged. One person can make a change, and if my kids have the want to, they know it can be done!

This post was inspired by TwitterMoms and Tea Collections Children's Clothing Little Citizens of the World blogging contest.


marina kamen said...

as a mom of 3 grown kids...I know that children make all the difference:)

Cakeblast said...

What a great idea! We have discussed Mexican customs with our children before, but I like the idea of cooking ethnic meals when we are discussing geography and other cultures with our children.

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